Shoe Size Chart

We describe tips on how to choose the best shoe size.


  • Prepare the piece of paper. Top in A4 size. For the full comfort of measuring foot piece of duct tape stick to the floor.
  • Place foot on a sheet of paper taped to the floor. We advise you wear socks or tights, where you walked in shoes. Gently and carefully draw a foot, making sure that the pencil was kept constantly perpendicular to the ground. Do not turn the pencil!
  • Select the perpendicular line of the most advanced points, the tip of a finger and heel.
  • A ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between the line of the toes and the heel. Ruler or centimeter must be perfectly straight. The measured length is the length of your foot.
Interestingly when measuring is recommending shoes to try on shoes in the afternoon. The reason is quite interesting, because when our feet are .... the largest size.
As mentioned in the description above it is best to try on shoes in socks, which comes up every day, because they can increase the size of the shoe even half the size.

After making these measurements refer to the table below and select the most suitable size shoes.


tabela rozmiarów obuwia